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Application of Rubber 2023-03-21

Application of Rubber

Rubber is a kind of elastic polymer, which can be obtained from the sap of some plants, or it can be man-made. Both of them have quite a lot of applications and products, such as tires, gaskets, rubber bands, etc., so they gradually become an important economic Crops, rubber plantation is mainly concentrated in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia. According to the different ways of making, rubber can be divided into two types: synthetic rubber and natural rubber.


The application of synthetic rubber is as follows:


1. Provide fuel for missiles: This rubber was originally used in World War II, and because it can be molded into various forms, the combustion efficiency is doubled, and it is now also used in aerospace fuel.


2. Medical field: It is used in the manufacture of orthodontic aids, gloves, etc., and has a wide range of applications in the fields of science and medicine.

3. Tires: It is used to manufacture all kinds of tires. Most tires are made of artificial rubber nowadays. Because of its good ductility and toughness, it is considered to be an ideal choice for automobile tires.


In addition to the uses and applications mentioned above, it can also be used in the manufacture of mechanical belts, mechanical hoses and seals, or in the manufacture of different types of gaskets. Synthetic rubber can be used to make boots, diving suits, sleeping bags, protective clothing, etc. Due to its adhesive properties, it is also used in the manufacture of adhesives.